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Business Brio’s Big Data solutions help organizations capitalize on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from their data.

Our business domain expertise coupled with rich technical competencies enable us to define a Big Data strategy for your organization, integrate Big Data into your overall IT roadmap, architect and implement a solution and empower your business.

While Big data analytics help organizations reap the benefits from analysis of the stream of information, its application through a consultative approach assists businesses in :

  • Minimizing risks
  • Deciding marketing strategies
  • Managing logistics and inventory
  • Optimizing supply chain management
  • Tracking key performance indicators and understanding their behavior
  • Uncovering hidden opportunities
  • Determining runaway costs
  • Improving forecasting

Big Data Implementation Methodology


Macro Architecture for Big Data + Analytics

  • Big Data
    • Apache Hadoop to store real-time streams of data from live sources
    • NoSQL to capture low latency data with flexible data structure and fast querying
    • Map Reduce to process large amount of data for reduced and optimized dataset
  • Oracle Hadoop Connector : integrates Hadoop and Data warehouse/marts
  • BI & Analytics: R for advanced Analytics

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