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Business Brio’s OMP framework is a combination of approaches, parameters and tools that help develop and operate scalable, efficient and agile business operations to deliver immediate and long-lasting value. It is a unique, adaptive, and purpose-driven framework that fits the dynamic nature of the service operations discipline to help our clients achieve:

  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Optimized business processes for improved competitiveness
  • Enhanced financial performance
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Desired demand-side management outcomes

The key tenets of the framework are as follows :

  • Linking operational performance to business drivers
    • What are the most efficient operational profit levers and under what circumstances?
    • Can we map the relationships between the controllable and the outcome variables?
  • Evaluating performance
    • How can we develop frameworks to help organizations review the nature and effect of the performance measures used?
    • In what situations are historical measures and targets appropriate and in what situations are externally based targets more appropriate?
  • Tracking leading metrics
    • How to identify trends in early stages?
    • How can organizations be proactive in finding and dealing with mistakes before their customers tell them (or more often don’t tell them)?
    • How can they be operationalised?
  • Managing service capacity
    • What are appropriate capacity strategies?
    • What is the relationship of capacity levels and capacity strategies to the level of service quality delivered?
    • How can organizations best manage their quality-capacity relationships?
  • Practicing Quality
    • How to ensure end- to- end fulfillment of Quality Assurance (QA) tTo Delivery Assurance (DA) through optimized Quality Checks (QC)?
  • Allocating Work
    • How to ensure that resources and work are rightly stratified based on proficiency and complexity respectively?
    • How to ensure that work allocation happens based on bandwidth, skill proficiency and work complexity?

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