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  • Capability to deliver traditional as well as Bayesian and minimization based adaptive trial designs

  • Capability to recalculate treatment allocation ratios at interim analysis

  • Implementing sophisticated algorithms for testing the randomness of the created lists

  • Additional analytics features such as predicting trends and performing relevent statistical analysis

  • Integrating features such as connection to drug supply chain system and forecasting

Randomization procedures include:

  1. Simple randomization
  2. Restricted randomization (Permuted Block orblocked randomization )
  3. Adaptive biased-coin randomization methods (of which urn                                    randomization is the most widely known type)
  4. Pocock Simon stratified randomization
  5. Bayesian model averaging continuous reassessment method
  6. Zelen
  7. Randomized play the winner (biased URN)
  8. Continuous reassessment method with dose escalation method
  • Integrated features for link to drug supply chain management and randomization testing (on few statistical tests).
  • Display of results in the form of plots and tables and saving them in standard file formats.

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