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NGOs, Government agencies and other mission-driven organizations are faced with an onslaught of decisions on how to best gather, study, investigate and draw inferences that will help them make this Earth a better planet.

We create squads of analysts and data scientists who work together with these organizations to understand objectives of mission, find a holistic approach keeping in mind the strategy as well as the grass roots involved, and collaborate to tackle the problem with data science.


Organizations get an optimized solution catering to their objectives and often pragmatic constraints, our squad gets more insights into real world problems at grass root levels to enable them solve the next level of challenge, and we all get to live in a better planet called Earth.

We believe that enhancing the quality of, access to, and understanding of data in the social sector will lead to improved decision-making and bigger social impact. To do this, we offer the following services:

Analytics – Dives are two to three day workshops that enables brainstorming between analysts, data scientists and the non-profit community to take cross sectional view of the domain and data and tackle tough trending, pattern and insights problems in a just a short period of time. This brings elite analytics talent to the table with social organizations and process experts, and yield startling results from a short period.

Analytics – Squads : The social sector is in the center of an information revolution. There are loads of surveys and census of various aspects impacting our living condition and socio-environment balance. All of these are now digitized and stored, creating vast opportunities to better understand, react to, and shape our world. Analytics Squad is a cherry picked cluster of data scientists dedicated to using data in the service of social sector. The Squad teams with social organizations like governments, foundations, or NGOs, for 3-6 month collaborations to mine, study, analyze, and draw effective inferences to make the world a better place.

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