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Smart Grid for electricity is an intelligent, auto-balancing, and self-monitoring power grid. It accepts power generated from any source (coal, sun, natural gas, or wind) by a facility of any size or location—centralized or distributed. It then uses advanced sensors, state-of-the-art applications, and distributed computing to transport that electricity efficiently and cost-effectively, with minimal human intervention, to customers for their consumption.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are slowly moving to the top of many executives’ to-do lists. In a survey conducted by MIT Sloan Management Review, two-thirds of executives said being competitive in today’s marketplace requires sustainability, and 70 percent said sustainability is now a permanent goal in their companies’ agendas.

For driving sustainability through process efficiencies–and truly impact the so-called triple bottom line of people, planet and profit–these initiatives must be measurable, quantifiable and actionable. To support those goals, CSR programs require three things: data collection/survey, Business Intelligence analytics and action oriented strategic inferences.


Market penetration of telecom products and services, and expansion of social networks over the last decade has made Big Data a reality today – The three V’s; Volume, Variety, and Velocity of data continue to hit new highs, wherein it is becoming more and more difficult to rely on traditional database management systems. We are seeing smart organizations beginning to lean on flat file systems such as Hadoop. The story does not end here, because the availability of large amounts of unstructured and/or semi-structured data begs the question- What are we going to do with it?

Here we’ll see an overview of how the telecom sector can utilize Big Data and Analytics techniques together to answer this very question.

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